Teodora Brody, known as Teodora Enache in Romania, is a crossover artist whose career spans over two decades. She now lives in Germany.

Trained in classical jazz, Teodora idolized Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. She then became a pioneer of the ethno-jazz genre in Romania, singing the Romanian Doina on the world’s greatest jazz stages and becoming one of the initiators of ethno jazz in Romania. For more than two decades, she has brought together musicians from all over the world to sing their roots, be they Romanian, Jewish, Bulgarian, African. Together they discover that, regardless of where we come from, we all share a single root.

She performed alongside musicians such as: Stanley Jordan, Theodosii Spassov, Lars Danielsson, Johnny Răducanu, Les Paul, Curtis Fuller, Eric Legnini, Phillippe Duchemin, Guido Manusardi, Daniele di Bonaventura, Ion Baciu, Al Copley, etc., in many jazz festivals all over the world, at Montreux Jazz Festival, Blues Alley Washington, Jazz Marciac, Library of Congress USA, Lugano Jazz Festival, Bozar Hall, Ateneul Roman, Iridium New York, Corcoran Museum, and many more.

She collaborated with Benny Rietveld, 9-time Grammy winner, former bass player for Miles Davis and currently Carlos Santana’s Bass Player and Musical Director. Together with his quintet, Teodora organized the “Transfiguration” tour in Romania, at the end of which the album with the same title is recorded in Las Vegas and at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

In 2004 the American Government names Teodora Brody ‘Romanian Cultural Ambassador to the USA’.

As a result of her collaboration with Johnny Raducanu, in 2005, she releases the first DVD of Romanian jazz in the USA: “Jazz Made in Romania. Two Icons of Jazz – Teodora Enache & Johnny Raducanu”.

For the past few years, Teodora Brody has been working on her vocal technique, reaching an amazing vocal range of almost 5 octaves. She enters the realm of classical music, discovering Bela Bartok, George Enescu, Beethoven, Pachelbel, and Vivaldi, giving a completely new and original vocal interpretation to the music composed by these masters.

And thus, Teodora Brody becomes a classical- jazz crossover artist, approaching classical opuses in a completely original manner, transitioning very easily from the classical to the jazz emission, to the ethnic phrasing. Her inborn talent, which is backed by a tremendous study of every note she sings, offers her the chance to easily slide from an air by Bach, to an African song or to a jazz theme.

And this is the very core of her credo: unity through diversity, which she promotes in her every concert. “We are one, regardless of our stories, anxieties and passions, of our linguistic, geographical or religious differences.”

Teodora’s current project, entitled “From Classical to Jazz”, had its premiere at the George Enescu International Music Festival in Bucharest, in September 2019, and it received the “Concert of the Year Prize” at the Jazz Awards Gala the same year.

Teodora was also named the “Musician of the Year” at the same Gala. The project, which will continue in 2020, includes classical opuses such as the Moon Sonata by Beethoven, Pachelbel’s Canon, the Romanian Folk Dances by Bela Bartok and the Romanian Rhapsodies by George Enescu.



In 2019, ”From Classical to jazz” received the ”Concert of the Year Prize” at the Jazz Awards Gala and Teodora was also named the “Musician of the Year” at the same Gala.

In 2018 and 2019 Teodora received the “Musician of the Year Award” at the Jazz Awards Gala, Romania.

In 2017 the show “Prophet” is awarded the “Project of the Year Prize” at the Jazz Awards Gala, Romania.

In 2007 and 2008 Teodora is awarded the prize for the “Best International Jazz Contribution of a Romanian artist”, by the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company.

In 2005, Teodora and her partner Johnny Răducanu are honoured with the prize for the “Best Short Musical” at the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival in the USA for their project “Jazz Made in Romania. Two Icons of Jazz”.

In 1993, Teodora is presented with the “Best New Artist Award” at Sibiu Jazz Festival.