Song About Freedom

The song about Freedom was the hardest to come to life. The first time I experienced freedom was in a dream. One night, when I was just a little girl, I placed an oak nut on each shoulder, just like in a magic ritual; I twirled it, started to move my feet upwards, and...

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Song About Love

I loved and I was happy. I was living my greatest love story with the man of my dreams, together we had a 2-year-old boy, and along with my elder daughter we formed a blessed family. I was singing, having concerts, living with my suitcase by the door, ready to go, but...

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The Spiral Ascent

The miraculous encounter between Gibran and Bach The Prophet is one of the few books you need to read in depth, time and time again and in various stages of your life. It is an endless source of wisdom, mystery and self- enrichment, it inspires you and, at the same...

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