The Spiral Ascent

The miraculous encounter between Gibran and Bach

The Prophet is one of the few books you need to read in depth, time and time again and in various stages of your life. It is an endless source of wisdom, mystery and self- enrichment, it inspires you and, at the same time, it takes you out if your comfort zone. I was lucky enough to read this book for the first time when I was 20 years old. It scared me… I didn’t understand anything out of it, so I abandoned it. It always had its own special place amongst my books, but I didn’t open it for 21 years. In the meantime, life took me by storm, voraciously and passionately, and it fuelled my dreams, so I discovered and explored the Way, courageously and unsparingly; I played every card of the Game… excitedly, open-mindedly, courageously, at times without reservation… and, most of all, without any regrets.

21 years later I was pregnant with my second child, and was very much in love with his father… I was listening to Bach and I stumbled upon the Prophet again and opened it: ‘Your children are not your children’ roared the Prophet…. I closed it, frightened, once again. I could feel the Light within me, through the soul of the child that was making his way to this world inside of me.

Every morning I would bless my house with a prelude by Bach. It was like a burning frankincense that was blessing us. It was the first time I could feel the beneficial effect music had on us, its purification and healing role… I didn’t know much about it back then, but somehow, intuitively, I knew it was healing.

I was reading The Prophet, fascinated. His words were so well chosen… They were nowhere near sweet or easy-to-hear. Quite on the contrary, they were tough, especially for the untrained mind. Sometimes I felt they were crushing me. I felt small and helpless. I didn’t understand, and the words were lashing me once again; other times tears of ecstasy were rolling down my cheeks.

So, during one of my wanderings amongst my newly budded friends from the Botanical Garden, a very daring idea crossed my mind: to sing Gibran’s lyrics. “Blasphemy!!!” shouted my sharp inner voice that had discouraged me a lot of times, and had become my strictest teacher when it came to my lack of trust in myself and in my gifts…

“Blasphemy!!!” roared my inner voice, so I closed this chapter with fear and resignation.

A few days later, I felt a new answer growing inside of me. A sort of whimper. The sort that doesn’t come from your weaker side, but is meant to invite you for more. It was almost like an erotic whimper, which was calling you and spurring you on! “But I have always sang what I loved, what I lived! I want to sing the Prophet!”

Seven years have passed by since then, and the Whimper – Voice knew not to abandon me until this very day. That whimper followed me throughout this Journey that lasted for seven years! It was so powerful, just like a tiny brook that pierces through, persuasively, patiently and lovingly.

Now, after all this time, I realised that, in order to write music for the Prophet, I needed a lot of tools. I needed imagination and talent for composing music, I needed to find my sound – the sound that could render every note kinematically, and could reflect every idea I wanted to describe, a refined sound that knew how to travel through my being and collect information… For me, it was a sort of inner alchemy with the help of the sound.

During the same period of my life I also had to go through a lot of tests related to my physical, psychical, emotional and spiritual state. Many times I felt I was starting over – and I did! Only now do I realise, looking back, that I wasn’t going backwards; quite on the contrary, I was going up in a spiral. I saw the same images I had seen sometime before, but my trajectory was going upwards. My climb was like a spiral. I was working and I was blessing the Work I was given! Sometimes I would stumble. I would forget and get scared, but I never stopped. I kept going relentlessly.

Another tool I needed was the talent to compose music, which I had to correlate with the Prophet’s metaphors. Sometimes I would search for days and I would wake up in the middle of the night with an idea in mind. Other times, the idea came easily, effortlessly, just like writing was flowing endlessly, so I had to have my voice recorder with me so that I did not forget the inspiration I was given. I have always felt my lack of proper musical education: I had studied Maths in university, and then I started to sing straight away. I spent years on stage. So I was missing the real musical training, the very basics of music. This time I heard everything, I knew where every musical instrument came in, what phrase would come next. I could hear it, everything had a logic, it was like an opera whose every sound was there for a reason.

I lacked a pianist whom to work with, but it seems it was meant for this effort to be all mine. Who knows…? Maybe by interacting with the knowledge of an accomplished musician I would have been influenced and everything would have been different! Not even the final musical arrangements were influenced by anyone else’s knowledge. When recording in the studio, I was blessed with wonderful musicians who understood perfectly well what they had to do.

I heard what they were playing and I immediately knew what was needed and what was not. I knew what worked well and what didn’t. I knew if they managed to render my vision or not. Every single one of these tools required a lot of time, commitment and focus on my part. Sometimes I would work a lot at one particular aspect, other times I would focus on my mind and my emotions, some other times only on the sound, I would then cry and be revolted, and then music just poured out in perfect harmony with Gibran’s vision, and then came the following aspect – so naturally and with such spectacular results, even if, theoretically, I hadn’t invested one drop of energy in it. This made me believe that this Work was in fact One, and every aspect I was working on benefited all the others. It was a sort of a game – the game of the communicating vessels.

I had a lot of teachers on this Journey, whom I shall talk about when the times comes, when their stories will be related to what I want to share with you about the Prophet. The Prophet is my guidebook towards liberation. It is my work – the work through which, with the help of the sound and music, I started to deal with the darkness within me. It is my utmost witness to all my struggles with my fears, with my crutches, with my anxiety and my doubts – on my journey towards the Light.

My work has nine chapters:


All of these themes were present in my soul and mind, as I kept trying to understand what hidden chains tie us together on this Earth; how we can ascend, and grow, and learn how to love the way Love is where we all came from; how we can break loose from all these attachments which make us forget the vow we made before breaking our journey here for a while. I couldn’t put all these ideas into words if I had to. But my music describes this entire process, and Gibran frames my thoughts into words.

I invited Oana Pellea to be part of this show as I love her divine aura. The Word supports the Music, they support each other and together they convey the Prophet’s message. My encounter with Oana is charged with a fabulous vibration. Only thinking that we would hold hands and sing Death together – that gave meaning to Life itself. Together we shall celebrate Life at its highest level.

In order for this story to take shape on stage, we needed a director. This is how stage director Mihai Țărnă came into this project; he gave life to the Prophet with all of his heart, with so much dedication and depth.

The Prophet is by no means a religious work, it is beyond any geographical, ethnic or religious boundaries. The Prophet is there for anyone who wants to start on Their own inner journey. Everyone will find expression in the Prophet’s story. We shall be together and we shall Journey together holding hands, looking into each other’s souls openly.