Teodora discovered jazz while she was studying Maths in University. It was an encounter that would radically change her destiny.

Jazz gave meaning to her life. She sang for 20 years on some of the world’s greatest stages, alongside more than a few remarkable jazz musicians.

Then came another decisive moment in her evolution, when disease struck and threatened her life. It was then that she realized jazz was not fulfilling the needs of her soul any longer.
That was the moment when she started asking herself a dreadful question: ‘what if I die before I truly sing? And what if I leave this Earth before fulfilling my soul and heart through singing?’
For a while she couldn’t utter any sound, she put her entire career on hold, she even started to hate jazz as if jazz stood between her and her soul… she was feeling devoured by jazz… and now she was kicking it out of her life.

She knew no other song. Her soul had absolutely no desire to sing any song, not even a lullaby. She felt completely lost. Her sorrow was very deep, deeper than death itself. She couldn’t even remember who she was.
This is how her Journey began: out of despair, out of the utter desire to heal her flesh and spirit, and out of the thought that she hadn’t really sung in all truth.
And then sounds started to surface from deep down … she hadn’t heard them before… they were charged with sorrow and fear and helplessness… They were coming from the abyss, the entire sorrow of the world lay there.
At first, sounds erupted like a burning volcano, then ideas started to flow like a river and crystalize into songs. That’s how she started to write music and to sing again.
Song about death…
Song about children…
Song about joy and sorrow…
Today, after seven years of work and inner search, Teodora finally feels that she truly sings with her whole heart.
She sings about her vision, whether it’s a Doina, blues, jazz standards or her own compositions. Her music is the direct result of her belief, that somewhere, deep inside, we all share the same root. Regardless of the differences between people – language, geography, religion or politics – somewhere deep down we all have the same root. And the easiest way to approach it is trough music. There we all are one, there we can reach the harmony and love that binds us all.

Talking about Teodora’s wide vocal skills, Serguey Shishov, a radio host from the Bulgarian National Radio Station said: “Teodora is one of the few voices in the whole world that goes easily from the ethnic emission and improvisation to jazz improvisation, it’s a very special inborn talent that takes you smoothly from the world of the Romanian Doina to the world of blues, uniting them both in a unique way.”’’

Her music is at times a volcano, and other times a river whose waters are clear and pure and know their own way. It is light and darkness all in one. It is the sound that unites the Sky and the Earth.
Her vocal techniques is backed by the chanting techniques of the cantorian monks, by the science of pranayama, by practicing qi-qong and by the art of praying and meditating.
Jazz becomes the vehicle for experimenting Unity and the Miracle of Life.
Her music is the Fire from which she is reborn time and time again.