Sound of the ROOT album is available online, on Spotify, ITunes, Deezer

Sound of the ROOT album is available online, starting April 15, 2020, on Spotify, ITunes, Deezer!
This is the first album in which Teodora brings together the world of classical music with the world of jazz and world folklore. It’s a 9-track crossover album which includes Teodora’s own compositions as well as original interpretations of classical airs by Enescu or Bela Bartok and of traditional songs from the Romanian and Indian folklore, being a reference point in Teodora’s artistic career, revealing the creative directions that she currently explores in her work.
In search of the alchemic sound meant to lead us towards “the common root that unites us all”, Teodora guides her audience, in provocative groove or in ethereal whispers, like in a prayer, using the scat technique, like an explosion of color, or the deep vibrato full of the telluric energy of the Earth.
Teodora Brody (vocals, composition and musical arrangements) is accompanied on this album by Calin Grigoriu (guitar, vocals and musical arrangements), a brilliant guitarist with classical training whose style is influenced by pop, jazz and blues, and Joca Perpignan (percussion and vocals), a Brazilian musician and composer whose lively and energetic style has Latin influences.