Teodora Enache will sing at Calonge Castle

Teodora Enache will sing at Calonge Castle (Spain), dating back in 1019!

Teodora, together with Călin Grigoriu – guitar and Joca Perpignan – percussion is invited to sing in Calonge (Spain), a beautiful seaside resort located on Costa Brava. They will perform ”The Sound of the ROOT”, an inspiring mix between ethno-jazz and classical music, at the medieval Calonge Castle (dating back in 1019), on Saturday, November 9th 2019 (6 pm). The programme will also consist of works composed by Teodora herself or by Lars Danielsson. All of Teodora’s work is now centered on her belief that: ‘We actually have ONE SINGLE ROOT…. Through music, we find that common root, our source of energy.’