Classical Emotion – Duo

The originality and uniqueness of this project consists in reimagining a number of classical masterpieces as a simple and pure dialogue between the voice and the guitar, elevating the beauty of music beyond the boundaries of any particular musical genre.

Airs from Bach, Beethoven, Pachelbel, Enescu, Bartok and Pablo Casals are reinterpreted in the key of primary emotions. The impeccable technique and absolute virtuosity of the dialogue between Teodora’s voice and Calin’s subtle guitar are doubled by pure emotion, sometimes ethereal and sometimes telluric, almost organic, like a revelation.

“They are no longer classical opuses, with the perfect string of notes that are sung and played perfectly. Instead, we are looking for the emotion that, in our vision, gave birth to these masterpieces. Singing these themes as they were written, I can feel Beethoven’s sorrow and passion, I sense Enescu’s young and lively spirit, and I can see the bird from Pablo Casals’ bird cage…”.

With: Teodora Brody (vocals & musical arrangements) and Calin Grigoriu (guitar & musical arrangements)