From Classical To Jazz – Cvartet

‘From Classical to Jazz’ is a crossover album that breathes new life into classical masterpieces in an original and surprising manner.

George Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsodies, Pachelbel’s Canon, as well as Bartok and Bach’s compositions are the core from which Teodora’s voice departs, giving birth to a world where classical music meets jazz, blues and the Romanian Doina, creating virtuoso musical dialogues with vivid chromatics.

The premiere of the project took place in 2019 during the George Enescu International Festival. The show was sold out and was received with great enthusiasm by the public. A CD and an accompanying DVD will be released soon and they will be followed by a tour in Romania as well as an international tour.

With: Teodora Brody (vocals & musical arrangements), Calin Grigoriu (guitar & musical arrangements), Joca Perpignan (percussion) and their special guest Razvan Suma (cello).