INCANTATIONS: Homage to Bela Bartok – reinterpretation of Bela Bartok’s Romanian Dances in a jazzy key

Teodora Brody and Theodosii Spassov (kaval) & piano, double bass and percussions

The Bartok project represents a world premiere. Teodora was the first vocalist to reinterpret Bartok’s compositions in a jazzy key, with a world music touch and lots of flamboyant improvisations. Teodora discovered the force of the folkloric layer in Bartok’s Romanian Dances and used it to create a stunningly contemporary show. Teodora first approached Bela Bartok’s compositions on stage along with Stanley Jordan. Continuing to explore this rich source, Teodora found an inspired dialogue partner in the world famous Bulgarian kaval player – Theodosii Spasov, the rich sound of his old shepherd flute bringing the mysterious Balkan touch to the show. The show was also toured in a very unique formula, with two pianos, with the two Hungarian piano players Krisztina Fejes and Norbert Kael.

The album Incantations: Homage to Bela Bartok (2016), with Teodora Brody (Enache) (vocal & musical arrangements) and Theodosii Spassov (kaval) was reviewed and recommended by the influential French quarterly jazz magazine Jazz Hot  and by Serguey Shishov, in a dedicated show at the Bulgarian National Radio.