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Image of the Rhapsody Album Cover
Classical Encounters
You’ve heard the classics before, but never like this. In her most recent genre-bending adventures, Classical Encounters finds Teodora at the peak of her powers, as she explores and reinterprets widely loved and deeply personal classical repertoire from an entirely fresh perspective.

"Brody emerges as an artist who is totally unafraid - allowing her musical curiosity to guide her, even if that means crossing traditional boundaries ... The beauty in this music comes from its humanity - the focus it puts on the exquisite, nuanced instrument of the human voice’’

★★★★★ Fanfare


Rhapsody with the London Symphony Orchestra

For her latest album Teodora joins forces with one of the world’s great orchestras and arranger and conductor Lee Reynolds for this thrilling new chapter in her journey into the classical repertoire, recasting well-known works by Beethoven, Bartók, Enescu and more in bold new vocal renditions.

Rhapsody with the London Symphony Orchestra is available to purchase, stream and download now.


Enescu Festival with Manchester Camerata

Having taken Romania’s prestigious Enescu Festival by storm with acclaimed performances in 2019 and 2021, on 18 September Teodora returned to the Romanian Athenaeum for a special appearance as part of the 2023 festival. Joining one of the UK’s most exciting chamber orchestras Manchester Camerata for their sold-out festival debut, Teodora performed her acclaimed vocal reinterpretation of George Enescu’s Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 in a special orchestral arrangement.

Image of Teodora performing with Stanley Jordan
Impromptu Sessions

No rehearsals, no script and no score. Teodora’s regular series of entirely improvised performances, with an ever-changing line-up of old friends and special guests creating a unique experience shared between musicians and audience.

So far Teodora’s Impromptu performances have travelled from Bucharest to Barcelona, and welcomed esteemed guests including acclaimed Romanian actor Vlad Ivanov and American guitar legend Stanley Jordan.

Head to the Schedule to read about past performances and find out where an Impromptu is happening next.

Image of Unifying Worlds album cover
Unifying Worlds
Subtitled ‘From Beethoven to Enescu’, a unique concert at the 2021 George Enescu Festival united Teodora and her band with the Romanian Opera Choir for an extraordinary sonic journey through classical music, jazz and Doina. Teodora and her quartet of vocals, guitar, cello and Brazilian percussion continue as Unifying Worlds, effortlessly fusing these genres together and returning to the Enescu Festival in 2023. In 2024, Unifying Worlds tours the US, with performances in Chicago,  Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and New York. See Teodora's schedule for more information. 


Sound of the Root
Image of Sound Of The Root album cover
Image of Transfiguration album cover
Incantations: Homage to Bela Bartók
Image of Incantations album cover
Looking in the Mirror
Image of Looking In The Mirror album cover
A Child is Born
Image of A Child Is Born album cover
Swing me to the Moon
Image of Swing Me To The Moon album cover
Jazz Poems – Inside Stories
Image of Jazz Poems album cover
Radacini – Shorashim
Image of Radacini album cover
Teodora Enache Live, with Rick Condit and Ion Baciu Jr. Trio
Image of Teodora Enache Live album cover
Jazz Made in Romania
Image of Jazz Made In Romania album cover
On the Sunny Side of the Street
Image of On The Sunny Side Of The Street album cover
Radacini – Back to my Roots
Image of Back To My Roots album cover
Meaning of Blue
Image of Meaning Of Blue album cover
Jazz Behind the Carpathians
Image of Jazz Behind The Carpathians album cover
Image of Alter Ego X-treme album cover